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I’m going to take you out! – Headscissors + KO

DATE ADDED: April 8, 2023

What a smart mouth, Sydney is tired of rude ass men! He passed an inappropriate comment about how nice her big tits look and he wasn’t wrong, they do look nice! But Sydney was in the mood to dominate his rude ass and show him this is what will happen if you’re rude to her! The fear was all over his face as she wrapped her concrete thighs securely around his neck as she pumped them threating to knock him out. Her headscissors are so god damn brutal he is pouring with sweat and tapping profusely. Then next thing he knows Sydney’s temper gets even worse and she knocks his ass out cold! Damn, what a scissor slaughter fest, she is just relentless with those muscular legs of hers.

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