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Cancellation Policy

CCBill handles all payments and cancellation of your subscription would be done through their site. Please visit and log in with the details you used when you signed up to take payments.

With a variety of ways to manage your subscriptions, CCBill makes it easy to cancel your recurring memberships. Please feel free to choose the option that is most convenient for you:

You can visit , where you can log into your account by using your email address, credit card and subscription ID number. Are you missing some of this information? It’s ok, you only need two of the three pieces of information to search our system.

Please remember, the only subscriptions that will be found in the search are the ones attached to the exact information used to search, so if you didn’t find the subscription you were looking for, try using other another email address or credit card number.

Dialing 888-596-9279 will put in touch with one of our representatives at our 24 hour Consumer Support center.

Calling from outside the United States? Please visit our list of international numbers to ensure you can contact us as quickly as possible.

Don’t feel comfortable calling us? No problem, you can send us an email with your request at [email protected] and we will reply within 48 hours.

Compliance Policy

FemdomFantasia allows all users to report any illegal or unauthorized content violating the standards. ([email protected])

All reported complaints are reviewed & resolved in a timely manner. Within 7 business days.

Administration acknowledges, addresses and handles any and all complaints submitted.
Based upon the complaint and the terms and conditions, it’s validity will be decided within 24 hours by our administration. The user may appeal the decision within 24 hours.

Please submit any appeal at [email protected]

Once the conclusion has been made, we will resolve and remove any infringing, abusive, illegal or any unsuitable content within 24 hours or less.